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Digital Trainer Required | DigiTech Learning | Digital CLPL & CPD

Dear Reader,

Are you a motivated and enthusiastic teacher or trainer with excellent digital and interpersonal skills?

Why not find out more about our part-time digital trainer vacancy.

Part Time Digital Trainer:  Responsibilities

  • Delivering pre-developed training plans for Continued Lifelong Professional Learning (CLPL) to teaching professionals.
  • Choosing appropriate training methods and adapting delivery to suit the differentiated learning needs of delegates
  • Marketing available training opportunities to employees and providing necessary information

Job brief

DigiTech Learning require a Part-Time Digital Trainer to lead digital education training initiatives through hosting creative training events and educational programs in evenings and on weekends. We are aware that many talented trainers also maintain a daytime, class-based teaching role or look after children during the day, and therefore this role may lend itself well to teachers who wish to transition from a fixed class-based teaching to a peripatetic trainer role in the future.

What does a Digital Trainer do?

Digital Trainer responsibilities include communicating with managers to identify training needs and delivering training sessions to teams and individuals. Digital Trainers are responsible for attending, coordinating and delivering training programs on location.

Our ideal candidate has experience with various training or teaching methods, including teaching or mentoring young people, training or mentoring professionals and e-learning. Strong digital literacy and experience in the provision of high-quality customer service and interpersonal skills are also essential.

You should also be familiar with presenting using digital technology & equipment such as laptops, mobile devices, interactive whiteboards and projectors in addition to the educational material requirements for each project. If you can think of and design engaging ways to train our clients, we’d like to meet you.


  • Deliver pre-developed training programs to education professionals
  • Select appropriate training methods or activities to suit delegates
  • Market available training to employees and provide necessary information about sessions
  • Use known education principles and stay up-to-date on new training methods and techniques
  • Assess instructional effectiveness and determine the impact of training on employee skills and KPIs
  • Gather feedback from trainees after each educational session
  • Partner with internal stakeholders and liaise with industry experts when required
  • Maintain updated curriculum database and training records
  • Host train-the-trainer sessions for internal subject matter experts
  • Manage and maintain training facilities and equipment
  • Research and recommend new training methods, (i.e. gamification)


  • Proven work experience as a Teacher or Training Coordinator, Trainer, Training Facilitator or similar role
  • Hands-on experience coordinating training events in a corporate/educational setting
  • Extensive knowledge of instructional design theory and implementation
  • Adequate knowledge of learning management systems and web delivery tools
  • Proven ability to complete full training cycle (assess needs, plan, deliver, coordinate, monitor and evaluate)
  • Familiarity with traditional and modern training methods and techniques
  • Experience with e-learning platforms
  • Digital proficiency
  • Advanced organizational skills & excellent time-keeping
  • Strong communication & interpersonal skills
  • Evidence of robust knowledge & experience in teaching or training
  • Ability to travel to locations across Scotland, a car and driving licence is preferable
  • Enhanced PVG

Application & additional information:

This role is for a part-time, flexible digital trainer position, advertised to help satisfy the demand for digital trainers of our twilight and weekend training sessions.

Initially, there will be no locked-in hours, rather you will be free to accept or decline an invitation to deliver specific training sessions in advance to help fit with the constraints of your schedule.

The DigiTech Learning team are passionate about nurturing our rising digital leaders and though not guaranteed, the opportunity may arise to advance into a full-time, permanent role within our organisation.

To apply, please submit a notice of application with more information about your skills in your preferred format (audio, video, etc) to [email protected]


  • Develop and refine your training & communication skills
  • Advance & feel more engaged in your career by taking on a training roles
  • Receive industry specific training & professional development
  • Have the opportunity to make professional connections & grow your network
  • Be part of an exciting movement on a mission to help bridge the digital skills gap in Scotland.

For further information:

Click here to download our Digital Trainer Application Document or email us via [email protected]


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